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Embrace Midlife and Have a Mid-life Shower!

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The mid-life shower is a new trend to have a party or gathering of best friends to celebrate the mid-life milestone of one of them.

My friend recently called it the "Coming Out Party"! We all deserve fresh, fluffy, expensive bath towels. We need a "Congratulations! You made it through the learning part of your life"! No more PMS. No more unexpected late periods. For some of us, potty training, parent meetings, and school drop off/pickups are no more! We should shower our best friend with luxurious gifts. She deserves it. A soft bathrobe, silk slippers, bath luxuries, candles, champagne flutes, delicious chocolate and champagne, fancy pillows, and silk jammies. Then we could ooh and aah over the softness of the bathrobe and the great scent of candles. We all could use a few luxuries, so in another month or two, we will throw another Mid-life Shower Cocktail Party for another of us! I mean, this could go indefinitely!

And the men who love us could give us more gifts and flowers and "I owe you" notes (or "wait-for-tonight-surprise" notes). We could throw a party for men in mid-life as well. Vodka and Viagra jello shots, anyone?

Please share your ideas and suggestions about Mid-life Showers on our Forum page.

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