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How Do You Find Time to exercise?

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Michelle L. Segar, Ph.D., MPH from the North American Menopause Society advises the following steps:

  1. Make a conscious decision that you want to start getting the incredible well-being and self-care benefits that physical activity brings (improved mood and sleep, weight loss).

  2. Decide what experiences you want to gain from physical activity, such as reduced stress or social time with friends.

  3. Choose a physical activity that will give you that experience (walking outside in nature, playing a team sport).

  4. Schedule that activity into your day and permit yourself to leave whatever you are working on to do it.

  5. Be flexible. If you only have 10 minutes instead of the planned 30, do your activity anyway.

  6. Evaluate whether the activity you chose is giving you the experiences you wanted. If it isn't a positive experience, try a new activity, a different teacher, a lower intensity, or a different time of day.

  7. Experiment. Figuring out the best activity for you can be a process that takes some time, but it will be worth it.

  8. Decide if enhancing your sense of well-being is time well spent.

Below are a couple of tips by personal trainer Kricia Ungano on how to get rid of menopause belly and get better sleep:

As we feel the body transition to new hormone levels, symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, and difficulty sleeping, amongst others, are prevalent. So how do we find the best solution to meet our needs? It can be as simple as re-assessing what we are already doing and possibly tweaking it. For the active exercise practitioner, it should be easier to get moving. On the other hand, less active individuals should begin adding mobility movements. Tip #1 For starters, Yoga is a great way to begin. Are you pressed for time? Pull up a YouTube video on Yoga for Beginners. Or join a Yoga class at your local gym. Group classes motivate those who need a little push. Studies have shown it may also help you sleep better. Tip #2 It would be best to incorporate additional exercises such as strength or resistance training. Grab a pair of 5lb dumbbells or resistance bands and target a muscle group to work on. Again, simple guidance through a YouTube video can help get you going. Or better yet, sign up for personal training services at your local gym. The benefits will help reduce fat, improve muscular strength and burn calories more effectively. Letting muscles function as they are meant to work will also help create better sleep patterns. And my favorite advice:

"If you are squeezed for time, shrink your goal to 5 or 10 minutes of movement. You'll be able to fit in a mini-workout and feel better after moving your body. Now you've made time for exercise."

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