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Welcome to My Blog about Midlife Transitions

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

You may be asking: Who is Renata and how can her website help me?

Fair question. To answer it, I, Renata Berg, must first ask you: Do you want to feel that satisfaction, happiness, and contentment are returning to your life? Guess what! Midlife is the perfect time to become the most awesome version of yourself.

I am a physician, anesthesiologist and expert in my field. They say it takes about 10-20 years of practice in your field to become an expert. So, let's see, we all become adults at roughly the age of 20, we practice life for 10-20 years, and at the age of 30-40, we become experts on life.

Why the midlife crisis at the age of 40-50? If we are experts on living, we should be good at it by then! In my mind, that means being happy, satisfied, content with a smile on our faces most of the time. I want to share my simple, no nonsense approach to positively redefining your midlife transition.

The secret of life coaches, psychologists, and social scientists is that much of our research is actually "me-search." Many of us study aspects of life that affect us personally, looking for solutions to our issues.

Over the last few years, I have spent much time learning about the connections between health, happiness, youthful attitude, healthy sexuality, satisfaction and contentment. I do my simple research as well. I speak to 40-50 patients daily, and one of my favorite questions is: “How do you maintain your energy, youthfulness, and positive attitude?"

You will face challenges during your midlife transition, just like at any other point in your life. But if you make the right choices, midlife may be your biggest adventure in decades.

My sincere hope is that my stories, knowledge, and experience, combined with your voices, will create a leading go-to platform for discussing midlife transition and beyond.

You are in complete control of only two things in life: your attitude and your effort. I hope to help you become your best in both.

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